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Hardeep Deerhe, known professionally as Sodhi, is a highly skilled and captivating musician, composer, and performance artist based in Scotland. With his diverse range of talents and limitless creativity, Sodhi creates captivating soundscapes that transcend boundaries and captivate audiences around the world.Throughout his accomplished career, Sodhi has embarked on exciting tours across the USA, Canada, India, and Europe, leaving audiences amazed by his exceptional musical abilities. His recordings have received global recognition and praise, reaching listeners far and wide. Notably, he has collaborated with renowned German bands 'Homebound' and 'Reveal,' making a distinct impression on their compositions with his unique touch.Drawing from his classical training in tabla, vocals, improvisation, and composition, Sodhi's music defies easy categorization, residing at the intersection of various musical styles. Instead of simply blending genres, he skillfully weaves together the distinct nuances, rhythms, and forms from different traditions, resulting in awe-inspiring compositions that surpass cultural boundaries. Sodhi's innovative approach challenges conventions, infusing Indian classical music with elements of high-modernist concert music, sparking meaningful conversations about cultural identity.Sodhi has showcased his artistic brilliance at prestigious festivals worldwide, including multiple appearances at the acclaimed Celtic Connections, Alchemy Festival, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has captivated audiences at the InterKeltz Festival in Germany and achieved the remarkable distinction of performing at the legendary Alladiya Sangeet Samellan in India. As the first Scottish-born musician to grace the stage of the revered Sawai Gandharva festival, Sodhi mesmerized listeners with his exceptional talent, establishing himself as a pioneering artist.In addition to his musical achievements, Sodhi plays an integral role in the bands Naad-Hara and Saanjh, enriching their compositions with his unique contributions. Through these collaborative endeavors, Sodhi explores new dimensions of music, infusing his diverse influences and innovative spirit to create captivating and memorable performances.Furthermore, Sodhi serves as the current co-producer of the Glasgow Mela, a vibrant celebration of multicultural arts and traditions. His visionary leadership has contributed to the success and growth of this renowned event, providing a dynamic platform for diverse artists and engaging the wider public in a rich cultural experience.Beyond his artistic pursuits, Sodhi is deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of artists. He established the Talking Tabla Academy in Glasgow, a vibrant hub where aspiring tabla players receive expert training and guidance based on his wealth of experience. Additionally, Sodhi co-founded the Scottish Creative Asian Network (SCrAN), offering a dynamic platform for local Asian artists to showcase their talents and connect with broader audiences, fostering a vibrant multicultural arts community.  Driven by a profound belief in the transformative power of education, Sodhi has shared his passion through teaching engagements with esteemed organizations such as the Scottish Asian Arts Association (SAAA), Glasgow Life, and Darnley Local Authorities. Through engaging workshops conducted in schools, he sparks the creative spirits of young minds, inspiring them to explore the world of music and unleash their artistic potential.Hardeep Deerhe, the visionary artist behind Sodhi, continues to leave an indelible mark on the global music scene. His transcendent compositions, mesmerizing performances, and unwavering commitment to education have firmly established him as a true trailblazer. Prepare to embark on a captivating musical journey as you experience the extraordinary talents of Sodhi, whose fusion of genres, profound cultural exploration, and collaborative ventures will transport you to new realms of artistic expression.

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